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Natural Solution for Healthy Gums
We have incorporated a complete Natural Oral Care line of alcohol-free mouth wash,
toothpaste and gingival gel to enhance your Sulcabrushing experience.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwash 16 Fl. oz.

Powerful, ready-to-use Oral Rinse and Mouthwash
Freshens breath for hours while encouraging healthy teeth and gums
Relieves dry mouth
No artificial preservatives
Alcohol-free, great-tasting vegetarian formula
Compliments PerioBrite® and PerioRub®

Natural Toothpaste 4 oz.

Energizes your whole mouth with a cool, sparkling sensation that will last long after you finish brushing
Lysine, Folic Acid and Co-Q10 strengthen your mouth’s natural defence system
Free of fluoride preservatives and sodium-lauryl-sulfate
Low abrasive toothpaste is naturally sweetweed with Xylitol to fight tooth decay
Whitens teeth and leaves breath fresh and clean for hours
Economical: Pea-size amount goes a long way, leaving teeth clean and smooth

Soothing Gel 1/2 oz.

Ideal for use with Sulcabrush®
Provides fast-acting relief from tooth and gum discomfort while strengthening distressed tissue
Refreshes your mouth with a minty, clean, taste
Convenient tube size fits easily in pocket or purse
Preservative-free, vegetarian gel

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